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Gene Drives & Sex Distortion

Astrid Hoermann, Research Associate (a.hoermann)

Angela Meccariello, Research Associate (a.meccariello)

Alexander Nash, PhD student (alexander.nash12)

Paolo Capriotti, Research Assistant (p.capriotti)

Giuseppe Del Corsano, Research Assistant (g.del-corsano)

Synthetic Biology


Manjunatha Kogenaru, PostDoc (m.kogenaru)

Jan Katalinic, PhD student (jan.katalinic15)


Nikolai Windbichler (n.windbichler)

Nikolai completed his PhD in Vienna, working on the molecular biology of small RNA molecules from bacteria and viruses. For his post-doc years he moved to London in 2006 to work on genetic control of the human malaria mosquito. He continues to follow his interest to develop synthetic gene-machines to control insect pests and to improve the tools that allow us to manipulate and re-engineer complex genomes with precision.